What is insulation?

Insulation is a substrate that is used by home builders, contractors, and home owner to keep help the home maintain its interior environment.  


Why should I insulate my home?

There are many reasons that you would want to insulate your home, but mainly you want to insulate your home in order to keep the heat or cool air inside your home and not allow it to escape the homes envelope.  You also want to have ample insulation so that the cold climate outdoors doesn't effect the conditioned climate inside. Spray Foam Insulation also provides air sealing and a vapor barrier (depending on the type of foam being used).  The pros at Simply Home Performance can assist with the type and amount of insulation needed after a home energy audit is completed.


What types of insulation are available?

Insulation comes in many forms with the more common being Fiberglass, Cellulose (Blow-In, and dense packing in walls), Foam Board, and Spray Foam (Closed and Open Cell). The right choice in insulation depends on many factors and our expertise at Simply Home Performance will simplify this process.