About Us


What is Simply Home Performance?

We are a small business that specializes in maximizing your home's energy efficiency.  Whether it is tightening up your home's "envelope", strategically adding/installing insulation, and/or updating your inefficient heating & cooling system, Simply Home Performance is your one stop shop to cut down your utility bills, while maximizing your home's comfort.  

We never employ any high pressure sales tactics. We strive to thoroughly answer all of your questions, explain the testing and installation process, and provide the options that we feel will allow you to best achieve your home comfort goals.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!


How do we identify problem areas?

Most homes experience high utility bills, and still are unable to achieve the indoor comfort levels that their residents desire. This situation can be caused by a multitude of different problems, identifying these problems and providing efficient solutions is where Simply Home Performance shines!  We typically start the "identification" process by gathering some data from your past utility bills and performing a FREE home energy audit.  Once we gather this information we can offer a few different plans to most efficiently achieve your home comfort goals. 


What programs do we offer?

Simply Home Performance is an Energy Star Partner and BPI Gold Star Contractor, thus allowing us to offer some NYS backed programs.  Through New York State we can enroll customers in the Empower Program (income restrictions apply), the 50/50 program (NYS offers dollar for dollar matches from certain system and insulation installations), and the NYSERDA loan program.  Contact us for a free consultation and we can further explain these programs and which one(s) you may qualify for!