Home Energy Audits

What is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is pretty much exactly as it sounds, we gather data and audit the energy usage and "tightness" of your home.  All of the  information that we gather is compiled together and begins to give us an idea of the upgrades that make the most sense for your home's specific need.

What does a Home Energy Audit entail?

The home energy audit is one of the very first steps we take when specifying what the problems are regarding your homes comfort, and identifying which solutions will be most effective and efficient at achieving your comfort goals. During the audit we will gather information for some past utility bills, speak with you about any issues that you feel need to be addressed, and then we will perform a blower door test to determine how sealed up or drafty your home is. 

Why should you do a Home Energy Autit?

First off, its a free service to the consumer.  Second, its a fairly quick process (1-3 Hours Typically) and minimally invasive. Third, it provides us with a ton of data and information about the current state of your home's insulation, fuel consumption, and tightness of your home's structure. And Finally, it is required by NYS before you are able to participate in any of the state sponsored assistance programs. The energy audit also gives us a base line efficiency number so we can quantify how effective our upgrades and installations are.  

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